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About Themes pls

Pronounced: “Themes, please.”

It’s 2017, and…

  • WordPress is 13 years old
  • There are hundreds of theme shops
  • There are over 10,000 themes available

And yet, it still takes forever to find a theme for your site. Why?

Because the challenge is not finding any theme, it’s finding the right theme.

Can I change the font?

Even with a good demo and product description, there’s often a lot you still don’t know about a theme before you buy. This makes it hard to compare themes and even harder to make the right choice.

Amazon for WordPress themes

You probably spend more time selecting a theme than on 99% of your purchases on Amazon.

It doesn’t take long to find the best option on Amazon. You have all the information you need for every product and you can search and filter based on a variety of criteria.

We don’t have anything quite like that for WordPress, and that’s what Themes pls is for.

Themes pls gives you search, filtering, and instant results to help you quickly narrow your results from thousands to a few, so you can find the best theme and get on with building your site.

Because that’s the point, right? Spending your time publishing and sharing your greatest work, not picking out a theme.

What’s next?

New features are in the works and additional themes will be added regularly.

The development of Themes pls is highly influenced by users, so if you have any ideas or requests please get in touch.

Themes pls is a project by Compete Themes.

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links. Purchasing a theme through one of these links generates a commission for us at no additional expense to you.